Delia Stone's Studio

Location: Pensacola, Florida Panhandle

I have been making and designing jewelry since 1991, and it continues to be my passion to this day. Over the years, I have moved well beyond the simple stone wraps that I began with through experimenting with new techniques.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Netted Tigers Eye ... a custom piece.

This is a custom order I did for the local bead shop here in town. I really like the way it turned out. The photos aren't the greatest as the lighting was just too bright this morning when I was taking them. I really liked the way the bail turned out on this one. It integrates so well that it appears seamless with the pendant. I am glad I left the bail plain on this one ... I don't think I would have been as happy with it otherwise.

This peice can be found at the Bead and Crystal House on West Garden Street in Pensacola, Florida.

Capturing the Past

I ordered some of these great amonites back in august and took them to the New Beginnings art show. I set them out along with other cabs and stones that were unwrapped, which usually nets me a few custom orders. I sold both of them within the first few hours of the first day. One woman requested a custom wrap with the needle lace work with hers and I loved the results! Considering their popularity, I ordered more amonites and I couldn't help but reproduce the pendant I made for the lady. I'm not really thrilled about the bail on this one, but it will do. :)

Overall, I am still very pleased with this pendant and I think I'll make one in silver for the silver lovers out there soon. October 18th, 2007.

Jeweled Bezel Pendants

Inspired by Lisa Niven Kelly's entangled bezel pendant I created my own version. My results were more organized than the look of the entangled bezel, which in the end I was pleased with. I captured these vintage porceline horse cabs in a nest of swirls and sparkling swarovski accents.

I intend to use this technique to create some more organized looking pieces. It will be interesting to see how this technique develops. October 14th, 2007.