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I have been making and designing jewelry since 1991, and it continues to be my passion to this day. Over the years, I have moved well beyond the simple stone wraps that I began with through experimenting with new techniques.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Elegant Earrings

Sterling Silver, Brandy colored tourmoline and exquisite faceted smoky quartz marquis drops combine to make these lovely earrings. SOLD

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Custom Orders for Kate

Two wraps for Kate, per her request. I like the crystal especially. I created a different armature and decorated it in Eni-ornate sytle, only in mirror image. As above, so below. I like the new approach. I'll have to use this again. The border wrapped rutile quartz is just a basic wrap. Nothing too 'oooh-ahhh' but it's nice. LOL

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A few pretties I've not posted yet

Back to the ornate pendants. These are so much fun... yet so labor intensive. I sweat everyone of them every inch of the way. They never seem to be looking right until the final touches are put on and then all of the sudden they come together and BAM! One striking pendant is staring back at you. This picture is not the best, too dark to show off the beautiful blues and greens in the chrysacola stone. It's accented with genuine emerald rondells and brilliant blue chez crystal to give it POP. This one is currently up for sale, but I don't expect it to stay around too long. I might even decide to keep it for myself. ;)

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Inspiring Chat

My dear friend Karen was just over and she inspired me to undertake a couple of projects. I popped in from the hospital to pick up some things at the house, including my son whom she kept for me lastnight. Karen sat and chatted for a bit with me. She owns Beach Bride Weddings, offering beach weddings to couples along the Northwest Florida Panhandle. She suggested that I make some coin pearl chandelier earrings with watery colored compliments. As soon as she said it, I could SEE them. I can't wait to produce a pair of them to show off. She also suggested I make some scandals in beachy colors and said she would link me into her website, which is getting a lot of traffic. This could be a comfortable niche for me, bread and butter stuff to make a little money on the side and bring others to my site to learn about the other things I do as well. I don't really relish the idea of producing the same thing over and over again, but I can do it if it will keep a little income flow coming in that I can use to funnel into making the stuff I want to make. I prefer to follow my bliss ... don't we all? Anyway, I was inspired by our chat and wanted to write these thoughts down before I forgot about them. With my new baby in the hospital my mind is certainly other places and I would likely forget all about this conversation by the time I got around to being able to make them.
I have to get back up to the hospital and give Jay a break. I know he needs to get down to the cafeteria and get a bite to eat. He must be starving by now and I know he won't leave our little girls side until I am there to watch over her.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Back in the Saddle again!

Well, as anyone can plainly see, it's been a while since I've blogged. This is indicative of the fact that I have been going through a major transition in my life and I've felt practically turned upside down. I have literally started my life over, and it has not been easy. It took a lot of my time and attention to adjust, but I have. Though it was tough, it brought wonderful changes into my life. A loving partner, a beautiful new daughter (and I can't forget to mention her awesome big brother, though he was with me from the start of these changes) and a new lease on life. I am greatful for all that has come my way, though we still struggle... at least we are sharing the struggle and supporting one another through it.
While I have not had regular access to the online world for some time now (nearly a year), I am FINALLY online again. I will be posting pics of new jewelry soon. I also plan to rejoin the Year of Jewelry Project, or Four Season or whatever they are calling it this go round. lol

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