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I have been making and designing jewelry since 1991, and it continues to be my passion to this day. Over the years, I have moved well beyond the simple stone wraps that I began with through experimenting with new techniques.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stage Three: Netted Bezel Pendant and new jewelry making Tutorial

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Delia Stone's Studio

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

New Tutorial: Needle Lace Caged Pendant

I have enjoyed this technique so much I've decided to share it. It's been very inspirational and if you're ready to try something different I am sure you will have as much fun with this technique as I have!

This tutorial is 11 pages with a total of 39 high quality pictures to guide you through every step. I've taught this lesson to a beginner to wire work with very good results! Based on this experience I would say that it can definitely be done by a beginner though I rate it as an intermediate project.

Check it out. It's on sale for the special introductory price of $7 on my website: for a limited time.

Coral Reef Treasure

More experimentation with the needle lace technique applied to wire. This seemed the natural next step ... a netted bezel. This is the most incredible specimen of fossilized coral I've ever seen. The stone itself is just stunning. I knew it deserved something special. I captured it in a netted bezel and added a sandy brown swarovski crystal element for sparkle.

I really enjoyed making this pendant ... and then staring at it for hours on end afterwards. I considered keeping it for myself, but I was a good girl and decided to list it on my etsy site and give it a chance to sell first. It sold at lightening speed ... I miss it so. :) It followed my Tale of a Seahorse necklace to New Zealand. That's okay. I am sure Annette will take good care of my babies. :)

Mosaic Equine / Horse Pendant

This is my second mosaic horse bust pendant, inspired by Azalea Egyptian Arabians, breeders of Egyptian Arabian horses. I formed the frame from 20 gauge sterling silver wire and then used endless feet of hair thin sterling wire to secure countless 2 mm to 4mm freshwater pearls and sterling beads to the frame. The eye is a faceted blue apatite roundell wrapped in a delicate herringbone weave. I coiled and formed the mane by hand as well. Props to my friend Cammy for suggesting the coiled mane. :)

I have grand plans for a mosaic neck piece for this pendant, but it might be a while before I get to it. Meanwhile I will probably just put it on a chain to give it a chance to sell at the upcoming show next weekend. If it sticks around long enough, I'll work on that neck piece. ;)

Water for your fire ...Blue Blossom.

Something cool and refershing to bring down the heat! THIS piece should have been named Water Garden, but I already had a piece with that title. I adore this beautiful bracelet. Even though it's a little too chunky for my personal taste, I pull it out and admire it often. It has such a tranquil feel to it. It makes me think of a crystal clear pond with lillies floating on the serene surface. Just beautiful. The stones are actually rough hewn aquamarine chips. I finished it off with one of my signature handmade toggle clasps.

Spicy Salsa ... Fire in the Belly

This bracelet was created for the Year of Jewelry Project 2007. I'm late posting this to the blog so I will actually have to go hunt up what week it was ... I know, bad Delia. :::smacks hand:::

Faceted carnelian roundells create the bangle and the double netted clasp focal is some kind of lace agate. Earthy Indian red 3 mm swarovskis accent the main focal. This is really a very lovely bracelet in hand. I dig it. :)

Terra X

I've been wanting to try something Dana Kellin-ish lately so I started coiling beads to this frame. I originally had planned to use a different focal stone in the center but it wasn't really big enough for the frame. Then I remembered a pendant like this that Magdalena had done with a marquis stone set in the center. I remembered that I had some smoky quartz marquis briolettes so I busted them out and used them. I decided to oxidize it to add to the earthy look of it.

I made and added the coiled beads after I oxidized the piece, so I had to go back and oxidize them later so that they would match. This pic was taken before I did them too, and I haven't gotten a new pic taken yet but I posted this one anyway. I will edit this when I get updated pics.

This peice was actually created in Early August, though I did not post it until September.