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I have been making and designing jewelry since 1991, and it continues to be my passion to this day. Over the years, I have moved well beyond the simple stone wraps that I began with through experimenting with new techniques.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

FSOJ wk27_funky toggles

Yup... more toggles. These things are so fun they're addictive, I swear!
This time, I decided to make a tear drop shaped toggle so see how it would look on a bracelet. Again, I liked the results. The bracelet itself is nothing to brag about, but the toggle saves it.
Again, the toggle was embellished with a carnelian bead to tie it into the overall bracelet. Which worked fine, but not it didn't look as tailored as I would have liked for it to. I thought it was a super cute toggle, regardless.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

FSOJ_wk24_Gold Toggles

I decided I wanted to make a gold fill toggle this go 'round. I was very pleased with how rich it came out looking.
Usually, I think that gold fill looks a little weak next to vermeil (sp?) but after putting this little toggle on I was impressed with just how well it seemed to match in the richness of tone with the vermeil.
The color combo on this bracelet turned out very nice, I thought. The pale green aventurine contrasted very nicely with the golden-brown swarovski's.
The sparkel of the swarovski and the richness of the gold made this bracelet look worth the price. I have really enjoyed playing around wtih making my own toggles. This one, I embellished with a single swarovski to match the bracelet. It give it a very tailored look... like the toggle was made especially for the bracelet, and of course it was! lol Sweeeeet....

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FSOJ_wk23_Toggles turn flirty earrings

While I was playing around making more toggles, I thought that a matching pair would make some flirty earrings. I loved the firey red-orange flashes in some new swarovski crystals I bought and I wanted to use them for the project. I hung a earthy orangish zircon briolette in the center of each one... again, my friend bought these up the second she saw them. She's got a fair tan and strawberry blondish hair and they looked so incredible on her! I couldn't help but stroke myself when I saw how great this simple pair of earrings looked on. lol

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FSOJ_wk22_More Toggles

Putting some of those hand-made toggles to use, I strung up this quick bracelet, which I loved. If I had made it small enough to fit my tiny wrists, I would have kept it for myself I liked it so much. But alas, it was a little too large for me and that's okay, because it sold before it ever even left my house. :) A friend came over, saw it, fell in love and bought it on site. No complaints here. lol
You can see the detail work on the toggle below. I really like making the toggles themselves so ornate and detailed. It makes the overall piece look much nicer ... it can give a simple strung bracelet a very detailed look. The toggles take no time to make as long as I have my coil all ready to go I can make one of these little pretties in about 5 to 10 minutes. I just love 'em!

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Creativity born from Necessity

Creativity by Necessity: Toggle Clasps
I wanted to do some stringing (bracelets, necklaces, etc) and when I sat down to get started, I realized I had virtually no clasps to work with. I sat there pouting, thumbing around in my goodies hoping to be inspired to do something else ... suddenly, as I fondled a bag of scrap silver wire and abandoned projects, inspiration struck. Silly me, I could make my own toggles! And use nothing but scrap wire to do it. And so I set to work.... a series of small works incorporating these hand made toggles followed, as you will see.

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FSOJ_wk20_Playing catch up

Well, after a long and painful death of my old hard drive, I am just beginning to recover some of my pictures. I think I may have lost my portfolio of my last 4 years of work - thank goodness I had some pics spread around on the web to steal back. lol I finally got my kodak program loaded up on the tiny hard drive I'm using now, and I'm back in the groove. Though I haven't been able to take and publish pics for the last several weeks, I continued to make jewelry to keep up with the project. While I do not have my adobe photo shop to dress my pics up with signatures and what not, at least I have photos to share again. :) This pendant sis the result of yet another Eni Oken tutorial. Here's my week 20 entry into the Four Seasons of Jewelry project:

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